Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

| November/December 1971

About a year and a half ago, while shopping at the local market, a man told me how miserably crippled his wife was with arthritis. I told him about using the sea salt, and he said he would immediately get some, as all other hopes had failed.

Although I did not know the man's name, but his face was familiar, I recognized him walking out of a store just last week. I was in the act of buying a morning newspaper and thought that if I ran out after him, without first paying for my paper, I would immediately be picked up for shop-lifting. I paid for the paper as soon as the clerk was available, then ran after the gentleman in question, a full half-block down the main thoroughfare.

'Did your wife try the sea salt for her arthritis?' I asked, a bit breathless.

'She sure did,' he replied with enthusiasm. 'And she's much better. When you told me about the sea salt, she was almost helpless. But this summer she raised the finest garden tomatoes this big, everything grown the organic way.'

'I don't know your name,' he went on, 'But I'm very glad that you identified yourself and started her using the sea salt. She's not only much better, but she has gone in for everything organic and all the health foods. We even have our grown-up children using natural foods in their families.'

'People may call us 'nuts' for using health foods-but, don't you believe it. It really is the answer to health,' the friend concluded.