Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

| November/December 1972

My friend who signs himself as The Ypsilanti Cockroach has written another letter. He claims our column is not only 'all wet', but it is grossly misnamed. La Cucarache goes on to explain that it is impossible to 'thresh wheat from the chaff', arguing as he does that the correct title should be 'Threshing The Chaff'.

In my book this argument would be tantamount to 'driving the wagon instead of the horse,' whereas you drive the horse only to ride in the wagon. If La Cucarache had his way we would not be allowed to say we were 'shelling corn', but instead would have to say we are shelling cobs. It so happens that we 'shell the corn' in order to eliminate the cob, because we happen to eat the corn and not the cob. In like manner we thresh the wheat to get rid of the chaff because we eat the wheat, not the chaff.

If my friend prefers to eat the cob rather than the corn, or the chaff instead of the wheat, he hasn't as yet ever mentioned doing so. But, on second thought, who am I to judge, since cockroaches have been known to eat many things that we wouldn't.

The Bible speaks of 'Threshing the wheat from the chaff', as does all our literature in times past. And I've yet to hear for the first time at any threshing reunion the announcer's voice coming over the loudspeakers, saying, 'Now folks we are going to thresh chaff'. But I have many times heard 'We are going to thresh wheat.'

I am confident that if I were wrong in titling this column, many an astute thresherman would have shot me through with arrows long before this, and no lesser a dignitary than 'Uncle Elmer' himself would have called me onto the red carpet and placed me under judgment of fire at the very beginning. And Elmer, I believe, was a man who knew how to talk about threshing in the idiom of our time.

Continuing in our original and a-vowed mission of writing things that may be of help to our brother thresher-men who still thresh the wheat from the chaffa mission which Elmer Ritzman gave his official blessing to from the very start we would like to review some of the beneficial chit-chats we had with our many friends who visited us during some of the summer reunions. There were the two at the Rushville, Ind., show who stopped by to tell us how the Sea Salt had been helping and to thank us for mentioning it. For others who claim they weren't 'cured' after sprinkling Sea Salt over a few tomatoes we would like to add that arthritis is a condition that has built up over the years. Health foods and natural remedies require some time and patience as well as constant use. It's like a friend of mine who bought an expensive juicer and thought he'd try carrot juice. After a glass or two he said he felt about the same, and decided it wouldn't work. Had he kept at it every day, drinking a glass of raw carrot juice for several weeks, he'd have noticed a great improvement. That's similar to the person I mentioned drinking carrot juice to, and she replied, 'Oh I eat a couple carrots every now and then.' It would take one a week to chew up enough carrots to make one glass of carrot juice. The juicer is a high-speed machine that breaks up the vegetable cells, tosses out the cellulose and pours the raw, full-strength juice into your glass. The vitamins that do the work are all compacted and concentrated in that glassful. The waste is taken out, as a dry pulp.