| November/December 1973

Just winding up the big Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Portland, Indiana, this week, I sauntered down Flea Market Avenue in quest of a small V-belt pulley. Omer Swartzendruber had told me that, if I'd get a smaller size pulley on my old Pierce Governor, it would be much more sensitive in throttling the power into the 'mighty' Joe Dear. So, coming across a new-looking five-inch pulley, I purchased same from a brother flea marketeer who hails from my old hometown of Union City, Indiana.

'I'll have a lot of fun trying this out, to see if 'Swartzy' is as smart as he thinks,' thought I to myself, tossing my prize pulley into my truck cab.

But I no sooner got back to 'Uncle Elmer's Iron Man-Gem Mobile Circulation Dept. than Mildred Ary stopped out front in her Buick.

'Mercy, I don't know what to do. A pulley dropped off my power-steering, while I was coming over from Union City, and I don't know whether to try and drive home tonight or not. It steers so hard, and I'm afraid it might damage the power-steering.''

I said, 'We'll put in an emergency call over Brewer's Sound. With all these engine mechanics here on the grounds, there should be someone who can help out with your power-steering.'

Returning, I saw a tall, gaunt figure, bent almost doubled, his bearded head underneath Mildred Ary's car hood.