Lifetime in Steam Captured on Film

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T.M. Throndson with the HP model steam engine that he built in steam engineering school in 1909.
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1910: Threshing with his father's 1904 75 HP engine.
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1925: Throndson and son with a 65 HP Case engine.
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1942: Throndson adding oil to an Avery tractor that's pulling Minneapolis separator.
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1937: Case Model L tractor and separator.
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1960: Threshing on the Throndson farm using a Case separator.
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1961: Throndson threshing near Longmont, Colorado, with 65 HP Case engine and Case separator.
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1961: With some of his cohorts: Jack Schlagel, Herman Schlagel and Ed Kronlik, and a 65 HP Case.

Thorvald M. Throndson of Eaton, Colorado, 100 years old in June, has been threshing most of his life. Iron-Men Album ran an article on him in the January-February 1984 issue (“Lifetime in Steam“), and here are more pictures from his photo album.

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