Tippy Hydro Gets A New Face

| September/October 1960

Norman Wride of Ada, Michigan, sends us this interesting article --Elmer.

(From Consumers Power News, Michigan, October 1959)

Tippy Dam --veteran Manistee River hydro-electric plant -- has been resurfaced and is back in operation.

The face of the dam was revealed last month for the first time in more than 30 years when the water level in the pond was lowered almost 15 feet. Workmen cleared away flaking concrete and then resurfaced the structure.

Revealed when the water went down was a steam engine used in the lumbering days to operate some long-forgotten sawmill. The engine was found in the Pine River, which flows into the Manistee above the dam. As the picture shows, the machine was in good condition although it was believed to have been resting on the river bottom for the past 40 years.

Tippy Dam was known as Junction Dam after its construction in 1918 at a point near where the south branch and the main branch of the Manistee come together. It was re-named in 1934 shortly after the death of c. W. Tippy, who was general manager and vice president of the Company.