Tommy Jordan Gets His Steam Engine

| January/February 1993

for Tommy L. Jordan R.R.2 Knoxville, Iowa 50138 2723 Abraham Drive Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

Tommy Jordan exhibits his half-scale 65 Case at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. This was the newest steam engine at the 1988 show.

His love for steam engines began as soon as he could walk. When Lena Jordan could not find her four year old son, she searched across the fields in the direction of the sound of the steam engine. She would usually find him there where the men were threshing grain.

Even before that, when he was just three, Tommy took off down the road to his grandfather's, where they keep machinery. Then Santa Claus, fully dressed in the middle of a hot July day, came hunting this boy who was drawn to the sound of farm machines. Scared of Santa Claus, he ran all the way home.

'Oh, steam engines have always been in my heart and mind, ever since, I suspect, I was four or five years old,' Tommy said recently when reminiscing about his life-long love for steam engines.

'I rode around a lot with Dad in his, especially plowing in a field, and even when he was threshing. I could hear them threshing a mile away could hear the old engine, and I'd take off afoot across the field, and followed that old sound until I found it.'