TORQUE POWER OR Where There's A Will There's A Way

| January/February 1969

Firetower Rd., Hyattstown, Md. 20734

After meeting Mr. Riztman on 14 September 1968 at the 13th Anniversary of the Maryland Steam Historical Society - 1968 in Upperco, Maryland, I decided to do as he suggested and write a letter which may be of interest to him and his readers about myself and my business, Torque Power Live Steam Models.

I have just turned twenty years old and have been asked by many people how someone as young as I am became interested in the steam engine hobby. The only thing I can say is that it is just in my blood. I am the third generation of the old time mechanic in my family. My late grandfather owned and operated several steam sawmills in West Virginia before the depression of the twenties. My father, as a young man, worked in a foundry where he operated a vertical engine and boiler which ran a blower that supplied air to the furnace. In later years he went into the furniture business and is now in the guitar manufacturing business.

In 1964 my father and I went back to West Virginia where, after several days of hunting, we found a five-horse power vertical engine in the sawmill at Cass, West Virginia. It was in the basement of the sawmill and was partly buried. I have now been told that the engine is a C. O. Dutton and I would like any information anyone has on this engine. I have the engine running but not completely restored yet. About 75 miles from Cass I found a five-horse power boiler. The boiler was in good condition and I rigged up this boiler to run the Dutton engine. I just recently found out that the boiler is a Gieasor domestic and that it is very old. The engine had been removed and its mounting bolts had been cut off flush with the boiler and hammered. I would like to have an engine for this boiler. The engine could be in any condition just as long as it is restorable. I would appreciate any help your readers could give me.

I have also acquired a vertical engine which I believe to be six-horse power. The engine mounts on the side of a vertical boiler. I have been told this is a Leffel engine and that it was mounted on wheels so that it could be turned horizontally and pulled with a team of horses. I would like any information on this engine that I can get.

In the Fall of 1964 I became ill with a nervous condition which was to keep me from finishing my public school education and ill for the next three years. I had private teachers which came to my home but I was never able to get a public high school diploma.