Tracing History

| July/August 1960

  • Miniature Locomotive Engine

  • Miniature Locomotive Engine

307 W. Hampton Ave., Spartanburg, South Carolina, and the 1880 Frick steam engine No. 1167. Size 5x8. About 8 hp. -- Elmer

Walter Clements stroked a flywheel of his seventy-year-old steam engine and said wishfully, 'I just felt like somebody should try to save it.'

Walter, 22, of 309 Hampton Ave., is a Senior at Clemson College and is currently restoring the ancient but lively 8 hp steam engine, built in 1880.

So far as saving it, Walter lamented, 'I thought someone should, but my mother can't understand why it had to be me.'

Walter's mother, like most women, simply could not understand her son's attraction to the ungainly machine, but she did understand the gleam in her son's eye when he fired the boiler.

This affection was shared by a former owner, well into his seventies. When he saw the old engine running, he cleared his throat softly and said, 'Bless her little heart, she can still run.'