| September/October 1955

  • 1920 Titan
    1920 Titan pulling 3 plows and a 2-section harrow in the spring of 1955. This outfit is owned by Mr. Arthur Hudachek of West Liberty, Iowa, who is a farmer and tractor fan. He bought and reconditioned this tractor this spring. The editor had a hard time b
    A. M. Wettach

  • 1920 Titan

Lavinia, Iowa

This work was compiled from the tractor owners who have had hard luck with their machines and have used still harder luck in telling about it.

BEARING A thing that burns out at a busy time.

BUSHING Housing the tractor for the night.

CAMSHAFT Something too hard to find so it need never be looked for.

CRANK The fellow who says you can do it cheaper with a tractor.