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Mrs. M. L. Winter
A 2hp. Flinchbaugh reversible tractor owned by M. L.. Winter, R. D. 3, Hellam. Pennsylvania. Mr. Flinchbaugrh was way ahead of his time in the building of tractors. Courtesy of Mrs. M. L. Winter

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Sixth Annual Reunion of ‘The Old Time Threshers and Sawmill Operators, Inc.,’ was held on the James Whitbey farm near Fort Wayne Indiana, on August 9, 10, 11, 12, 1956.

There were 25 engines on display and all in running condition. All machinery in operation including two large sawmills.

Eight acres of ground was plowed by steam power, using different engines, pulling a six bottom fourteen inch Emerson plow owned by Elmer Egbert of Botkins, Ohio. Threshing machines, threshing oats, engines operating two Baker fans, prony brake, teeter-totter and incline, steam engine races, tug of war.

The team of oxen owned by Roy Craig of Portland, Indiana, attracted a great deal of attention pulling water tanks, logs and plowing.

Mr. Leonard Mann of Otterbein, Indiana, brought his Burr mill and ground whole wheat flour and corn meal which he sold on the grounds.

F. W. Bloom of Churubusco, Indiana was present to entertain with his Model engine, threshing machine, baler, sawmill and buzz saw. Walter Thomas of Syracuse, Indiana, with his traveling buzz saw kept the engines supplied with wood.

A parade of all machinery was held each afternoon.

A very large crowd attended the four days and all seemed to enjoy the activities of these old steam engines.

All are looking forward to a larger and better reunion in 1957, at the same place and near the same dates.

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