| January/February 1958

  • Edgar Harvey
    Edgar Harvey of Nortonville, Kansas, and the miniature gas engine he built. See his article elsewhere.

  • Edgar Harvey

Nortonville, Kansas

Edgar Harvey of Nortonville, Kansas, a Blacksmith, found an old picture of a gasoline engine while looking through some papers in his home a couple of years ago. He decided to try to build this gas engine in miniature. Here is what he says about it

'It was a picture of an engine my father, Carter Harvey, purchased in 1909 to saw wood and shell corn with. It was an eight horse power engine.

'That picture stayed in my mind, so one evening when I came home from work I decided to start a scale model which I completed this summer after a year and a half of spare time work. It was made from scrap metal around the Blacksmith Shop.

The size is 34 inches overall including the trucks. The length of the engine is 14 inches. The flywheels are 7 inches. Truck wheels, rear 4 inches front 4 inches in diameter. The width of the trucks are 9 inches. It has a one inch stroke. The firing system is make and break. It runs exactly like my father's engine.

The flywheels are made of brass and the main body of the engine is made of three-sixteenth plate steel and welded together. The cylinder and piston are cast. The crank shaft bearings are made of bronze.