| March/April 1964

2404 Quincy St., Rock ford, Ill.

When I had a closing out sale on December 7, 1962 and discontinued my farming operations, previous to moving to Rockford, Illinois, to enter the industrial field, it ended a long and interesting era of 46 years for my father, L. W. Huff.

One of the tractors sold that day, a 1937 Allis-Chalmers W.C., was the last tractor Dad owned, his sixth one, during his farming years.

Although Dad had operated a 16 HP Nichols and Shepard steam engine during his early manhood his 46 years of gas tractor experience began in 1916 when he was about 24 years of age. My grandfather had purchased a new LaCrosse 'Happy Farmer' 12-24 kerosene burning tractor and 3-14 John Deere plow from the Ditmers-Kerr Implement Company of West Liberty, Iowa and put this outfit to work on his Louise County, Iowa farm southeast of Grandview. This was one ' of the first gas tractors in that part ' of Louise County.

One joke about the 'Happy Farmer' name is that it was so called because the farmer was happy until he got it. This tractor is no doubt familiar to many older readers of the Album. It was built by the LaCrosse Tractor Company of LaCrosse, Wis., (now part of the Allis-Chalmers lineup). Nomenclature of this 1916 LaCrosse tractor as follows; The engine was a twin cylinder, four cycle. Cylinders side by side, power impulse similar to the principle used in the John Deere D's and all later two cylinder models. One power stroke followed another, then two strokes between the next power stroke.

Will insert here a humorous comment about John Deere's as stated by one of our neighbors many years ago. 'The John Deeres always sounded to me like a double barreled shotgun.'