| January/February 1983


Nebraska has some nice days and one of them was Sunday, August 8, when Trauger's Old Timers Day was held in Trauger's Grove about two miles Southeast of Exeter. It is put on mostly by the Trauger family with a little outside help. It was a very nice day with just enough breeze to keep the smoke and exhaust moved out.

The program started at 10 AM with spinning and weaving. There was a church service at 11 and lunch by Epworth Village. Flag raising was at 12:30 with an address by Katheryn Riddle. An old car and truck parade was an attraction followed by an address by Nebraska Historian Dr. Robert Manley.

Later in the afternoon there was a demonstration of threshing with the flail then man powered and on to the hand-fed threshers. The first was a N.S. 8 HP engine and a Keystone hand feed thresher and web stacker and an 8 HP Frick belted to a Belle City thresher hand feed and web stacker. Another Frick was belted to a Westinghouse thresher while a 50 HP Case was belted to a Port Huron thresher and a Port Huron single compound long fellow to another thresher. All did some threshing.

In the shelling, Glen Fricken's nicely restored Oliver Hart Parr was belted to a Joliet 6-hole sheller that was manufactured in Joliet prison factory.

The sawmill was powered by a 60 HP Advance Rumely engine sawing many pieces of wood. There also was a lathe saw operated part time.