| January/February 1978

P.O. Box 25, Bird City, Kansas 67731

Tri-State Antique Engines & Threshers Association, Inc., and Tri-State Auto Club have been putting on the annual Tri-State Steam & Auto Show for some five years out of the 24 years Tri-State has been in operation.

The home of Tri-State is in the northeast corner of the city of Bird City, just south of US 36 Highway. Previous to 1975 it was held at the Kite farm 41/2 miles northeast of Bird City.

Tri-State is now showing 15 to 18 steamers plus one Corliss which is operated in the 'dining room' of the show, (of all places). Some 80 to 85 gas and fuel burning tractors from 8-16 to 40-80 HP. About 20 to 30 antique and classic cars and a 'swap shop.' Approximately 70 to 80 gas engines from 'some' to 40 HP, three combines and horsedrawn machinery from 1890.

Activities include the usual fix-up-fire-up each morning, coffee break, plowing with the 12 bottom plow, sawmill, threshing, if no rain the night before, prony brake, Baker Fan, hydraulic dynamometer and one medium sized mud hole. This separates the engineers from the cat skinners. Break for lunch. Entertainment during the noon hour varies from western music to an Indian raid.

Lunch over, parade of all equipment which hasn't been checked out by spectators, whistle code both rail and thresherman, slow and fast races with steamers, more threshing, (burn straw pile). A real coffee break, pyramid stunt, more power testing, combining standing wheat, (if it hasn't been destroyed by hail) more plowing and threshing, small engines popping and dancing all over the place and maybe someone has got a finger in the gear train. Also some small steam models are here too. We hope to have a boiler and steam table and lines available shortly.