A Trip to the 1907 Huber Factory

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Pouring iron, making cores, the rattlers, pouring brass, filling cupola, chipping room
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Boring cylinder and guides with one setting, machine shop, using templet all parts interchangeable, putting disc on shaft-pneumatic pressure, multiple spindle drill
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Flanging the heater, general view of the boiler shop, rolling the sheets, testing a boiler – hydraulic pressure, riveting by hand
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Scraping valves, putting up compensating gear, putting up the reverse, building governors, fitting up connecting rods, fitting up engine cylinder
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Wheel room, putting on cleats with pneumatic riveter, riveting spokes in wheels
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View of erecting department, drilling holes for brackets with pneumatic drill, using jig to put on brackets, turning a boiler
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Tool room, testing department, testing an engine
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Up setting spoke ends, drop forging spokes, general view of smith shop, making connecting rods
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Pattern shop, cutting gears for patterns, drafting department

R.R. 13, Box 209, Brazil, Indiana 47834

I recently acquired a 1907 Huber catalog that is a bit unusual in the fact that it includes several factory photographs interspersed in the product line catalog. I invite you to take a trip back into time and visit the 1907 Huber factory.

The factory catalog says: “We ask you to join us in the following pages in making a tour of inspection of our factory, in seeing the processes of construction of our machinery, and in viewing the finished product ready to be shipped to the customer. Study the details of the goods and notice how symmetrical and well balanced the completed machines are. Then when you have made a thorough inspection of our factory and of our goods, do not fail to give us an opportunity to figure with you on your requirements in this line. We are ready and willing to serve your interests at any time.

The Huber Manufacturing Company, Marion, Ohio U.S.A.”

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