| September/October 1980

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On September 8, 1979 at 6:00 P.M. at Westminister, Maryland, during the Mason-Dixon Steam Show, Titus Brubaker, Jr. and Christiana Garvey were married by the Rev. Douglas Greer of Washington, D.C.

The attendants were Retired State Police Lieutenant, Paul Hahn and his wife, Ruth, of Westminister.

The ceremony was performed on the platform of a 8 x 10 Frick steam engine owned by William Lucabaugh of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

The bride wore a blue cotton dress and a sunbonnet. Her bouquet was made up of wheat, timothy and money flowers. The groom wore blue bib overalls.

How is that for a real steam engine wedding?

Courtesy of Titus Brubaker, Jr., Conestoga, Pennsylvania 17516.