Twenty Lakes Antique Engine and Tractor Club Show


| March/April 1998

R.R. #13, Box 209, Brazil, Indiana 47834

Today we are able to visit area shows where some of these engines are in the same locality as they were 50 years ago.

I enjoy visiting 'new' shows (shows I have never attended), and this year I was able to visit the 13th annual Twenty Lakes Engine and Tractor Club, Inc. Show at Harrison, Michigan. Harrison is located right in the middle of the lower part of Michigan and, as the show was held on June 20-22, 1997, the weather was very pleasant. The club owns a large show grounds west of Harrison which has a large sawmill and sawmill shed located on the property.

It did not take long for me to find some 'steam men.' I met Dale Sonke of Rockford, Michigan, who had his newly restored 6 HP Peerless 'F' at the show. The steam engine is serial #9341, was built from 1900-1910, and carried 100 lbs. of steam. It was certainly easy to tell that Dale had spent many hours restoring and painting the Peerless.

I was surprised to find another 6 HP Peerless 'F' at the show which belonged to Ralph Johnson. Both of these engines were identical, except Ralph's engine was newer as it was serial #13120.

The sawdust was kept flying at the sawmill, as a 20 HP Minneapolis provided the flywheel power. The engine, which is serial #8619, is owned by George Moss of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan; his son Mike was running the engine. It was a pleasure to meet George and Mike, as I meet few Minneapolis steam men compared to the admirers of Case and other makes of steam engines.