| November/December 1970

R. 2, Knox, Pa. 16232

A lot of us have been trying to get an easily made and cheap valve made to use with steam engines made from gas engines or air compressors where a straight through system can be used such as 2 cycle and motor outboard engines or even 3 cylinder small foreign car engines. This valve seems to me to be the easiest to build and should be cheaply made on a lathe and drill press. It could be gear driven or run by bicycle sprockets. Have sent this idea to some of my friends thought you might want it for public use.

Valve for steam engines as made from B & S engines or air compressors is single acting. Take pipe collar 2' or to suit and get two cast iron plugs same size with metal flush with small end of threads not ones with domed hole. Put one in lathe and turn off wrench square and make both front and back square with each other. While still in lathe, drill center hole for brass bearing (brass pipe) and outlet holes for the correct number of cylinders. Drill brass bearing to shaft size while still in lathe and make sure it is exactly 90 degrees with back surface of 3 so valve will not leak as 4 has to be a steam tight fit with it. Be sure to put brass bearing and outlet pipes 6 in from the large side of the plug 3. The rotary part of the valve is turned from another plug or other metal and made a loose fit clearing the threads in the collar. The shaft can be made long enough for operation and threaded into 4 and a nut put on rear side. One hole only is drilled in 4 and this must line up with holes in 3. Maybe square holes for the outlets may work better than round ones, but make sure you have enough stock left for the outlet pipes. A packing nut can be put on bearing 4 and wicking used. A spring may be needed to keep 3 and 4 steam tight or the pressure in collar may keep it tight enough. The steam inlet can be put where convenient. I have not tried out this valve yet but think it will work. No sizes are given as the size of engine and what parts are around the shop will determine sizes.

I hope this helps some to get their engines running and would be glad to hear from men trying it out.