Veteran Boiler Maker

| November/December 1971

  • Case steam traction engine
    J. I. Case steam traction engine No. 32564, built in 1915. Sold originally in Tennessee, later purchased and partly restored by Mr. A. Glenn Thomas of Cumming, Georgia. Now the property of USA of Yesterday, on US 27 between Haines City and Lake Wales, Flo

  • Case steam traction engine

US 27, Dundee, Florida 33838.

Standing by the engine is Mr. Glenn H. Adney, whom we believe may be the last living boiler maker who helped make the last Case boilers in 1924.

Mr. Adney was working in the Case Boiler Shop when it was shut down and the boiler making machinery dismantled. The prevailing rate of pay in the Case plant, as well as most other large industries, was 50cent per hour or $5.00 per 10 hour day.

As Mr. Adney remembers, they had about 100 boilers in stock which were sold mostly as replacements and for steam applications of various kinds, until the last one was sold about 1932.

With one or two exceptions, the last several engines were portables, and were shipped to Australia. The last Case Steam Engine, No. 35707, was made in 1924.

According to Mr. Adney, the 'shop talk' was that the Freeman Boiler Shops made all boilers for Case until about 1900.