Warnings on Use of Tubular Gage Glasses

| September/October 1989

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As a subscriber to Iron Men Album, I am writing to inform you of a potentially very serious safety hazard regarding the use of certain gage glass manufactured by Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York. Since Corning is a major glass supplier, I would venture to guess that the use of this glass is very wide spread among your subscribers. The glass is used in liquid level gages which are very common on steam boilers, among other uses.


To Users of Pyrex® Brand Industrial

High Pressure, Red Line and Green Line Tubular Gage Glasses

Corning Pyrex® brand industrial High Pressure, Red Line and Green Line Tubular gage glasses ('Gage Glasses') sold during the period April 1, 1987 to April 1, 1989, may contain stresses and/or cracks which could result in breakage. These stresses and cracks are found within two inches of the fire polished ends in these Gage Glasses, and may be present in all sizes and lengths, up to and including 72 inches.