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We Must Stick Together


NOTE OUR BOHEMIAN friend, Mr. William R. Benda of R. D. 2,
Milan, Illinois, in his article of Jan.-Feb., 1956 issue of
IRON-MEN ALBUM on page 8, is picking on my Swede friend Mr. Nelson
of Hawley, Minnesota. Us Swedes in Minnesota must work together, as
you will note, this cold winter we would freeze to death if we

Mr. Benda will you stand for correction, or the printer, or who
ever made the mistake in both statements?

The Advance Company has built a 22hp. Simple Single side mounted
engine. To prove it come to see ‘Steam Engine Joe’s 44
steam engine. Also have the catalog to prove it. Steam engine Joe
will take off the cylinder cover so you can measure it.

About the year 1900 Advance built a 20hp. side mounted engine
but in later years they built a 22hp. engine and there were lots of
them in Minnesota.

On the second question Advance Rumley built 18 hp., 20hp., and
25hp., Single Simple rear mounted engines. To prove it Steam Engine
Joe has a 20hp. Simple Single rear mounted Advance Rumley engine
and the catalog to prove it. So please come down and see it. Steam
Engine Joe will also take off the cylinder cover to prove it. But
wait till May as we would freeze to death now.

Ed. Note: A mistake or a misunderstanding is fixed up now. We
can’t dispute ‘Steam Engine Joe’ as he has the evidence
in his backyard. Come to Pennsylvania a few days Joe, and visit the
editor. That chilly Minnesota air warms up as it comes east. It
also has a little more body as it gets mixed up with our coal smoke
and Atlantic fog.

  • Published on May 1, 1956
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