| May/June 1958

Mr. Leo Huston of Watertown, South Dakota, had a proposition in the March-April issue of buying a Railroad Engine. We just had word from Mr. Harold Anderson, Washington, Iowa, that the Midwest Old Settlers & Threshers Association, Inc., have a saddle back locomotive and plan a track, cars and depot. They say that acquiring: the locomotive is the small part of the project. They are financing this undertaking by the sale of stock in the M.O.S. & T. A. Railroad at $10.00 per share.

This is a project we are certainly enthusiastic about. The track will be placed in the McMillan Park, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, where the Annual Reunion is held. Maybe you and I can he the engineer for one trip. I know there will be lots of folks who will gladly buy one or many more shares of stock in this delightful and pleasurable project. Send your contributions to Mr. Harold Anderson, R. D. 5, Washington, Iowa, and you will receive a certificate with a gold border and with your name written on it. It also has a picture of this dream locomotive.

We surely wish this Committee well in this work. Elmer.