Rare 15 HP Steams up Antique Powerland

| November/December 2004

  • Westinghouse steam traction

    Scott Hollis

  • Westinghouse steam traction

Westinghouse steam traction engines hit the market about 1885, and were built through 1917. Engines ranged in size from 6 HP to 18 HP, with the 18 HP putting out 40 HP on the belt.

Westinghouse used a water tube boiler, which could be removed simply by taking out four bolts, and the steam and exhaust pipes. A leather v-belt delivered power from the engine to the traction gears, possibly one of the earliest applications of v-belt technology.

Renowned for their quality, Westinghouse traction engines were greatly admired, and particularly popular in South America. Only a handful survive in the U.S.

The engine here, a 15 HP built in 1915, serial no. 1853, belongs to Wayne Thackery, Kaiser, Ore. Wayne had it on display this past July in Brooks, Ore., at the 2004 Antique Power land Museum 34th Annual Great Oregon Steam-Up, where it was photographed by Scott Hollis.'