| July/August 1958

Hawley, Minnesota

All roads led to Rollag, Minnesota, again last fall where the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers held their fourth annual Reunion, a three day celebration, September 27, 28, and 29. Even the weather became cooperative for this event: after weeks of rain and cloudy skies, the sun came through and smiled pleasantly on the activities on Threshermen's Hill those days.

In many respects this was the biggest and best reunion we have enjoyed here so far.

The immense gatherings each day spoke well for the fast growing popularity of this organization.

More coal, more smoke, more steam and more power seemed to be the by-word wherever you turned, with several newly rejuvenated engines in the parade this year followed by a long line of gas tractors of various ancient designs.

In going back into the history of Western Minnesota, we find that the Rollag community holds its place as one of the cradles of civilization where the immigrants from Norway and Sweden and the American Yankees settled along the timberline country in the rugged hills of eastern Clay County in the early seventies, where they organized and built one of the first schools and churches in this county. Both these institutions are still going strong and situated within half a mile of the threshing grounds.