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Western Missouri Antique Tractor and Machinery Association

RR #1 , Box 226, Archie, Missouri 64725

The WMAT&MA Association held their annual show July 27, 28
and 29 at Adrian, Missouri. Record crowds attended the three day
event, making it our largest show ever. People from a total of nine
different states signed the guest book at the general store, having
come from as far as Oregon, North Carolina and Florida to

To try to describe this show is almost impossible. We have so
many exhibits and demonstrations that I know I will leave someone
out. So, if I do, I am truly sorry but you were much appreciated,
all of you.

Our annual show started on Friday which is supposed to be a
set-up day but it too became a regular show day because our show is
becoming so large. Our featured tractor was John Deere this year.
We had all of them from Floyd Fritt’s Waterloo Boy to a 1990
#4455 from the local dealership. Many belonged to Al Tenholder and
family. He has one of the largest tractor collections in our part
of the country. Our steam engines consisted of a 1907 Geiser
Peerless 18 HP owned by Thurman Farms, a 1929 Keck-Gonnerman 19 HP
owned by the Haverfield and Alvin Stites families, a scale Reeves
owned by the Thomas family of Excelsior Springs, a scale Reeves
owned by the Richman family of Kingsville, and a full size model 9
HP Case owned by Jim Bellis of Butler Mr. Bellis built this engine
without any plans, just using his head. It was truly a great
accomplishment, as he had never been around tractor engines

New attractions in our Frontier Village consisted of ice cream
parlor, newspaper office, mill house, bell tower, sash maker,
Indian tee-pee, and museum building. These went great with our
already crowded town which has a saloon, general store, school,
leather shop, bath house, water tower, engine house, and saw mill.
We also have a caboose which was donated by the railroad.

The Ladies Auxiliary has been a huge help with the growth of our
club. We owe them many thanks for their help in our projects.
Without them we would not be where we are today.

Exhibits at the show were vast and no two were the same. There
were gas engines doing everything from pumping water to grinding

Craftsmen were abundant, doing things from making rolling pins
to building a log cabin. Hodge Thomas ran his scale sawmill to
perfection, as he has done most of his life. Flea marketers and
craft vendors had just about all you could imagine.

Antique cars and trucks, as well as pedal and toy tractor
displays, were lined up all along Main Street.

Friday night we had a draft horse pull which was a huge success.
Saturday we had a record crowd and they were not disappointed. We
had threshing, plowing, Baker Fan, sawmill, rock crusher and stump
puller demonstrations. We had our tractor pull on Saturday and
Sunday. I find this to be one of the best ones around, for our club
will not allow any ‘hot rod’ tractors to pull. The old
tractors pull what they can when they come out and no one cares if
your tractor can’t start the sled or if it goes out the gate.
They applaud you just the same. We had a dance Saturday night and
it also was a big hit.

Sunday was the same as Saturday with another record crowd. We
held a plow race, quick start contest, two man saw contest and a
pedal pull, along with our regular activities. Also, a church
service was held in the old Mt. Vernon School.

Trophy winners were announced Sunday afternoon; a few of these
were: best steam traction engine Bill Thurman; best modelBob
Thomas; best John Deere engine Joe Winter; best engine display Don
Hallar; best craftNyla Hansen; best tractor, Class ACharlie
Haver-field; Class BMy Farms; Class C Don Hamm. Merit of Service
Awards: Don Hill, Bob Zimmerman, Wilfred Helt and Steven Hanson.
Outstanding Member of the Year Buzz Hellwig.

If you have never attended our show, plan to do so next year,
you’ll love it!

Hope to see you all next year so we can do it again!

  • Published on Jan 1, 1991
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