| November/December 1977

34 Grove Street, Geneva, New York 14456.

Dear Mrs. Branyan

I have taken both of your magazines for years and enjoy them both. I had the pleasure of knowing the late Rev. Ritzman and sold him a lot of literature when he used to visit the 'pageant of steam' at Canadaigua, N.Y. I always look at the want ads first in your magazines to see if I have anything anybody wants. Then I read the rest of the magazine from cover to cover.

The reason for this letter. I purchased some literature on the Westinghouse Co., Schenectady, N.Y. a few days ago and found some information that might be of interest to owners of old Westinghouse steam engines. I am enclosing a copy of each item. If you think it would be of interest to the readers of 'The Iron Men Album' I will give you permission to print it. The directions for setting valves on 12,15 and 18 HP engines are for the Westinghouse steam engines.

In 1896 the 12-HP traction engine sold for $1,350; the 15-HP sold for $1,500; the 18-HP sold for $1,600 'delivered on the cars at Schenectady, N.Y.' 'Freight must always be payed by purchasers' so says the price list.

I also have a list of HP and engine number and names of owners of steam engines shipped in the following states: Missoui, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana and Kansas. Only date is on one that says 'Shipped from factory 7-12-1899. Also have a list of thresher numbers and their owners. Westinghouse made steam engines from 4 HP to 18 HP as well as grain and bean threshers, circular saw mills, and miscellaneous articles.