What A Celebration!!!

| January/February 1998

2705 Steel Road N.W., Dover, Ohio 44622

I am sending some pictures and a story of a project which we recently completed. It concerns the purchase, rebuilding and restoration of a 6 HP Case portable steam engine.

For about 20 years my brother and I have been interested in steam engines, especially Case engines. Soon after the purchase of our first engine in 1979, we became acquainted with many wonderful people. One of those persons owned a small portable Russell of 6 HP size. I thought that engines didn't come any nicer than this one owned by a fine gentleman who came to be one of my closest steam friends, the late Francis M.Young. It was only natural that I would become interested in the Case version of the 6 HP portable.

The remains of the 6 HP Case protable as found by Dan Gregor pushed into a ravine in Kansas. Barrel top and dome was said to have been cut off to make a snow plow moldboard. Note brake shaft bracket and engine wing-sheet torched off. All brass and pipe fittings removed with a sledgehammer.

New barrel riveted in and dome on. John Schrock spent two days with us and did riveting in our shop. Barrel and flue sheet put in just like original.

Six years ago, my wife and I attended the 1991 Case Expo at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. At that show I visited with friends and questioned them about building a new boiler, for a 6 HP engine that I knew of, that needed a complete new boiler. I soon met Mr. Dan Gregor of Dayton, Ohio, who told me he had the remains of a 6 HP Case boiler which he brought along back from a trip to Kansas for other parts. The boiler had been torched up and shoved into a ravine. We stopped on the way home from Iowa and looked at the devastated boiler. The top half of the barrel was torched off, the steam dome and flue sheet were gone. However, what was left, the stay bolts and firebox, looked excellent. How could someone destroy something like this? After talking to John Schrock we decided it was at least a start toward a 6 HP engine. We made our first purchase around Thanksgiving 1991.