| May/June 1960

R.D. 2, Quaker City, Ohio

I hope that you will pardon me for always writing to you in this familiar manner as if I had made your acquaintance personally, you know, but after taking the ALBUM for so long it does seem like you are an old friend. And, after all, there is a tie that binds, our mutual love for a steam engine. Well, so much for that.

Some time ago I wrote you and accused you of being a mind-reader, or something of the kind, because you invariably came out with a picture, in the IRON-MEN, of any and all engines that I particularly wished to see. You promptly dropped me a card denying the impeachment and saying that it was just luck. Well, you may be right but you don't have me convinced yet as you will see as you read further.

Just after I got your card I went to New York, to work, and there chanced to make the acquaintance of a chap who told me that he would like to see a picture of a Buffalo-Pitts engine like he ran at one time. I told him to be patient, that the picture would be in the next ALBUM. And, sure enough, it was: in fact, two of them! That was in the March-April '58 issue.

Not long after that I told my wife that I would like very much to have a picture of an old Nicholson-Shepard like Tommy Broomhall used to have. The next issue brought not a picture like it but one of that very same engine with Tommy himself standing on the platform. Now can that be just luck? And so they have been coming and, no doubt, will continue to come. Aladdin's Lamp had nothing on this!

I had planned on stopping off to see you on my way back from New York but was so pressed for time that I couldn't make it. However, I may be up that way this fall and not be so rushed.