| January/February 1970

RIVERSIDE Wheat threshing might not be particularly interesting but it sure proves fascinating to youngsters when done with antique machinery.

Fifth graders from Okanogan and Malott and eighth graders from Tonasket attended a real old-fashioned threshing bee at the Jones wheat ranch near here Friday.

Evans Jones and his son Tom brought out the antique machinery to show the youngsters how their grandfathers threshed wheat. They drove out a 1911 Case Steam Tractor that belched white smoke and crawled along on its all-metal wheels.

But the big attraction was the 1914 vintage grain separator. An 1894 Buffalo Pitts steam tractor provided the energy to power the separator when some of the old-timers limbered up to show the youngsters how the machinery worked.

The field trip wasn't just a chance for the youngsters to get out of the schoolroom. What they learned tied into their school work.

For the fifth graders, the outing provided a chance for them to see the practical side of history they were learning in social studies.