Where Are The Engines II

| July/August 1985

Response has been very good to our request for more answers to Where Are The Engines? It is our aim to complete a registry of all known steam traction engines, and your help is needed. As you know, we have already produced one booklet telling where many of the engines are, and we stand ready to publish another if enough answers are forthcoming. If you have a steam traction engine, why not write to us today with name and address, the make of your engine, serial HP and any other information you feel is pertinent including history of the engine so far as you know it?

We are not able to publish in this issue all the information we have received in recent months, but if you'll keep those letters coming we hope to tell about all your engines in subsequent issues of IMA. Send your responses to Where Are The Engines II, c/o IMA.

Dean Bellinger writes about the 1919 Advance Rumely Universal owned by Dean Bellinger and Sons, 1515 Longfellow, Waterloo, Iowa 50703. (319) 232-3080.

It has serial #15046, 20-65 HP; steam pressure, 150 pounds PSI; bore-stroke 9' x 10'. He notes:

'This engine was in fine shape when purchased by Shelby and Dean Bellinger in 1963 from a Mr. Kolb of Jubilee, Iowa. It formerly was owned by the late Justin Hintagen, of LaMotte, Iowa. This engine is equipped with a canopy, 3 water tanks, and a suction hose. The engine was reflued in 1966 and painted like new in 1970. We restored it again complete with new water tanks and bunker in 1983. It is kept at Antique Acres, Cedar Falls, Iowa, where it saws and threshes periodically throughout the show. This engine is drained, swept down, and oiled on the inside before every winter.

Al New, of Pendleton, Indiana, who has engines described in the first issue of Where Are The Engines, tells us of another purchase by the Al New Family.