Where Has Summer Gone?

| January/February 1992

5875 N. 210 W, RR#1
Howe, Indiana 46746

Here it is the first part of August, and I wonder where this summer has gone so quickly. So far this year I've managed to get to four good engine shows and, unlike 1990, the weather has been perfect at all of them.

I reside in Arizona part of the time and in January, just by chance, I got wind of an engine show at Welton, Arizona, about thirty miles east of Yuma. I pulled out of Phoenix right away, and within a couple of hours found myself out on the desert in the vast Mohawk Valley in western Arizona's cattle and cotton country.

It was a beautiful 75 degree day to enjoy the Wellton-Mohawk Tractor Rodeo. It is kind of hard to imagine threshing grain on the 19th of January, but Buster Brown with his 50 horse Case steamer belted to a separator, were doing just that. Buster lives just down the road and has a fine collection of tractors and engines. Didn't take long to get acquainted, and there was plenty to see and do at this fine little one day show. There were steam engines, hot air engines (lots of hot air in this country), old tractors, gas engines and antique cars. The 4-H and FFA kids put on a tractor rodeo and also furnished the eats, good old Western style barbecue.

I had to return to my Indiana home early this year and missed one of my favorite shows at Pawnee, Oklahoma. Usually I make it to the great Oklahoma show on my way back home from Phoenix each year, but it wasn't possible this year. In June I got to the Kalamazoo, Michigan show and the temperature was about 25 degrees hotter than the Arizona show, but the free watermelon cut on the buzz saw was nice and cool.

Then later that month it was on to Wauseon, Ohio to the great 47th National Threshers Reunion. This granddaddy of all engine shows was as fine as ever. The other two previously mentioned shows were also real nice in their own ways and I was able to spend three or four hours at each, but at the N.T.A. I spent three days.