| March/April 1975

R.D. 1, 38120 S.R. 518, Lisbon, Ohio 44432

The sixth annual Columbiana County Whistle Blow was held at the Hamilton Shortline Railroad on Saturday, June 8th, 1974. A large number of persons from the Tri-State area attended and heard more than 140 steam powered whistles blown. These whistles were from railroad locomotives, factories, riverboats, and even from an old troop transport ship. Steam was furnished by the 0-4-0-T Porter locomotive. Many persons helped change the whistles on the enlarged manifold capacity. There were many different kinds of whistles from very large to very small, and included chime whistles which have more than one tone, plain whistles, and several wildcat whistles which have a variable pitch.

This year we also had mounted and tried out a steam engine from an oil and gas drilling rig which had probably not been used for about forty years. It is in very good condition and ran almost like new.

For the coming year we hope to have other antique steam machinery on display and possibly in operation.

Next year the seventh annual Columbiana County Whistle Blow will be held at Hamilton's Shortline Railroad on June 14th, 1975, and everyone is invited to attend. There is no charge for admission or for the blowing of the whistles. If you have one or more, bring them along.