| July/August 1960

814 Wendt Street Danville, Illinois

(This is a true story and you can guess who it is about. -- Elmer)

In a small mid western town, in Indiana lived a small boy with a big dream. As most small boys he was a big, big dreamer. Dreaming of the days when he would grow up and be a big man. This little fellow had a very special dream. We shall call this boy Wes.

Wes lived with his Grandparents in a nice two-story house in a small farming town. Wes had some Uncles still living at home too. The uncles were old enough to go with their Dad on Wes's dream -- but Wes had to be content to just watch his dream go chugging by. Wes had to stay at home and help Grandma and go to school.

This fellow wasn't content to just dream, he was planning how some day he would own his dream just like the big handsome one Grandpa had down in the shed. When evening came and the men came in for supper and to relax, Wes would go down to the shed and climb on his big dream.

Although he needed a box to climb up on his dream, once up he was no longer a boy but a big man, pouring coal in the fire box and watching the steam gauge climb to the proper place. With a grease gun in one hand and a cloth in the other he would clean and grease his dream.