| May/June 1966

  • Horsepower hand fed thresher
    Courtesy of Mr. William Gayer, Rock Valley, Iowa. Threshing at William Mayberry farm, Niobrara, Nebraska. We were threshing with horsepower hand fed thresher, Case model. This picture was taken by Wm. Morganfield, Winner, South Dakota.
    William Gayer
  • Thomas Carnival
    Courtesy of Mr. Wm. Gayer, Rock Valley, Iowa 51247. This picture of the Art B. Thomas Carnival steam merry-go-round engine was taken at Lennox, South Dakota on July 4, 1961.
    Wm. Gayer

  • Horsepower hand fed thresher
  • Thomas Carnival

Rock Valley, Iowa

This threshing meet was held the first week-end in October, 1965 and was attended by a big crowd on Sunday and fortunately the weather was nice. Col. Cliff Van Hevlan of Hardington, Nebraska was master of ceremonies and, needless to say, did a good job.

Some of the Zombro Valley Boys of Minnesota helped run engines and also furnished music on Saturday, and may be Sunday, I am not sure of Sunday. There were several models and antique machinery also on exhibit. Among the antique machines was a one horse, 2 row, corn cutter; a machine very few people remember. It was a Dain machine and exhibited by Leroy Angel, an antique collector of Verdel, Nebraska.

The horses on horsepower were shown by an auctioneer of Hardington, Nebraska.

There was also a log cabin on the grounds with antique models and also another antique collector that went through the crowd with a hand organ that had records like the old hand organ grinder used to have with a monkey.