| May/June 1966

Rock Valley, Iowa

This threshing meet was held the first week-end in October, 1965 and was attended by a big crowd on Sunday and fortunately the weather was nice. Col. Cliff Van Hevlan of Hardington, Nebraska was master of ceremonies and, needless to say, did a good job.

Some of the Zombro Valley Boys of Minnesota helped run engines and also furnished music on Saturday, and may be Sunday, I am not sure of Sunday. There were several models and antique machinery also on exhibit. Among the antique machines was a one horse, 2 row, corn cutter; a machine very few people remember. It was a Dain machine and exhibited by Leroy Angel, an antique collector of Verdel, Nebraska.

The horses on horsepower were shown by an auctioneer of Hardington, Nebraska.

There was also a log cabin on the grounds with antique models and also another antique collector that went through the crowd with a hand organ that had records like the old hand organ grinder used to have with a monkey.