| September/October 1982

The annual Williams Grove Steam Engine Celebration, 10 miles south of Harrisburg, Pa., began in Nellie's Diner at Dillsburg on March 25, 1959.

The Rev. Elmer Ritzman, founder of Iron-Men Album, was on hand to help organize. From that meeting has grown a strong organization which involves families as well as individuals, and women as well as men.

The bulk of the information for this article came from Mrs. Linda Artz, a second-generation member who is secretary of the organization. As we made notes on what she enthusiastically related, we got a message we'd like to pass on to all readers.

Our message is that we must do more people-oriented stories about the organizations who started them, who keeps them going, who does what, who makes special contributions. So here's an invitation to all groupsget your best teller of your organization story to write it down for IMA.

John Shiffer is current president of Williams Grove. He is a charter member. Harold Scheib is first vice president; William 'Lefty' Duncan, second vice president; Dean Deibert, third vice president; Arlene Deibert, treasurer and Tammy Bucher, membership secretary. Thus the men and the women are evenly divided in holding of high office.

Mrs. Dorothy Becker, mother of Linda Artz, is Ladies Auxiliary president; Sara Rudy, vice president, and Dorothea Fawber, secretary-treasurer.