| November/December 1959

A 16-60 Nichols & Shepard double engine

A 16-60 Nichols & Shepard double engine. It was purchased by the Independent Thresher Company of Leeper, Michigan, and operated by Harold Reamer. About 15 years later it was purchased by Mr. Reamer who is seen in the picture. He is cleaning it for winter

Box 143, Woodman, Wisconsin

I read in your September-October IRON-MEN ALBUM Magazine that Mr. Charles W. Tad lock wants to hear the story about the 'Farmers Friend' wind stacker. While visiting with my good friend Ed M. Peacock during threshing season on his farm near Fulton, Missouri this summer he handed me a book written by Stewart H. Holbrook called 'Machines of Plenty', and said I should read it.

Just before the postman brought your magazine this morning I was reading a chapter in this book about the wind stacker, and am attaching hereto an excerpt from it. This is an interesting subject and I am eager to hear what other readers may contribute.

I always look forward to receiving the IRON-MEN ALBUM Magazine and read everything in it several times

HASTON L. ST. CLAIR, 7511 The Paseo, Kansas City 10, Missouri

Excerpt from 'MACHINES OF PLENTY', By Stewart H. Holbrook (Chapter Nine-Page 105)