| November/December 1988

This cc was the last of its kind to leave the plant at Waynesboro, PA. The largest portable on wheels, this particular Frick was formerly owned by Senator Dean of Maryland. Firing the boiler during the sawmill exhibition is Greg Deal of Morganton NC

NEWTON, NC Steam hissed, black smoke belched from the stack and sweat poured from the brow of John Link of Hickory, NC as he stuffed armful after armful of wood deep into the boiler of his 1917 Frick Eclipse.

Out behind the barn, old timers smiled in recognition as John Sigmon of Denver, NC and his son rumbled by on a 1911 version of the Frick Eclipse.

Over the hill above the fishing lake Greg Deal of Morganton, NC worked feverishly to fire the 1936 Frick as it struggled to keep the huge saw on the old sawmill from bogging down.

These are the sights and sounds Big Edd and Velma Sigmon and their family wait to hear each Father's Day weekend in June when they host Early Farm Days at their Windmill Acres farm in Newton, NC.

Early farm days at Windmill Acres is more than a weekend exhibition. It is an easy-paced stroll back in history to a time when work was hard, days were long and homemade inventions helped the lady of the house get through another day. It was also a time when big steam engines roamed the countryside threshing grain, clearing forests and plowing new ground. A time when little 'hit and miss' engines pumped water, washed clothes, churned butter and generated electricity. And, a time when teams of draft horses labored in the fields to earn their place in American history.