Wisconsin Model Maker

| September/October 1987

The pictures on this page are all models owned by John Sell of 126 Pine Street, Bullion, WI 54110.

The top picture is a one inch scale Sell built after a few years of doing threshing. 'I always wanted a steam engine it took me two years of my spare time, then I wanted a larger one,' he writes. 'I got parts and built a two inch scale Case steamer with the help of my friend. I have just completed it and if it did not work, I would lay it aside and go at it some other time, just like the little boy that looked it over and says, 'That's nothing, my dad can do that.' '

The next photo is a size Case steam engine Sell purchased at an estate of a long time friend a few years ago. 'I completed this steamer and remodeled it and put it on rubber. Now I can go on parades and steam engine shows.'

The third picture is a quarter size replica of an Oil Pull tractor and Case thresher that Sell built about 20 years ago. 'We had a threshing rig at home I had to do the threshing for all the neighbors. I always enjoyed it and we always got good meals at the end of the day, including beer. It was not too much trouble to build these units. It took me five years of my spare time and is the first complete unit I have ever seen. I used it in parades and at steam engine shows and I do some threshing.'