| March/April 1966

Steam Traction Engine

J. W. Roberts

1303 Robbims Dr. Anderson, S. C. 29621

I am sending you a picture of me and my Frick Steam Traction Engine. It is Number 46518 and is in good condition. It has 8' bore and 10' stroke, and has a Certificate of Inspection for Boilers and Vessels from the state of N. C. dated in Sept. of 1964. I purchased this engine at an auction sale that was held to satisfy the estate of the late Mr. W. H. Carrick of Den ton, N. G. Boiler has a pressure of H-125.

I have repainted this traction engine in as nearly the original colors as I could find out, and since this picture was taken, I have added three brass bands 2' wide around the boiler.

I have been interested in boilers and steam engines since I was a small child. My father had a saw-mill in the hills of Habersham, Georgia, and I helped to fire the boiler, and later to help with the heavier work. When I moved to Anderson, S. C. in 1925, I became connected with home construction work, and later did contracting. About 6 years ago I began to look around for a boiler and engine and found a 6 HP Peerless. I have since obtained a 12 HP Tozer, a 4 HP, Peerless, a 12 HP Case, a 40 HP Peerless, a Frick Portable, a Scott Off-set Engine and a Schofield offset. I also bought an upright boiler. Needing something to use some of the power from these boilers and engines I bought an old sawmill. It is a Frick 00 mill. I saw small lots of timber for my friends, just for the fun of it.

On Saturday, when the traction engine is steamed up, and ready to go the children of our neighbors (and the neighbors too) get a kick out of riding on 'Mr. Bill's Train'.