| March/April 1978

  • Wooden coin

  • Wooden coin

Box 3, New Lyme, Ohio 44066

December 10,1977 was Shilling Day at Pine Tree Lodge at New Lyme, Ohio. On this day the Manners family began its annual task of releasing the 10th annual edition of the pine tree shilling.

Yearly requests come from all parts of the United States and Canada for this wooden coin. Coin collectors visit the farm on this festive day to receive their wooden coin from Manners personally.

This is the 11th wooden piece in a series which began in 1967. It will feature the number 10 commemorating the ten year anniversary of the pine tree shilling.

To celebrate this anniversary, Manners would give $10.00 to anyone presenting a complete series of the 10 previous issues on Shilling Day 1977.

There is no charge for the coin, just a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Manners Pine Tree Lodge, New Lyme, Ohio 44066. This year all request envelopes will be hand canceled at the New Lyme Post Office.