Farm Collector


Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Mr. Paul Gains engine, the mate to the one I have, only it is an
older number. His is 545 and the one I have is 934. The one at
Ford’s stock of engines has the same smoke stack as Mr. Gains
but I do not have the number. Don’t think there are too many of
these Herschel  Spill mans in the U. S. I got my old baby out
of storage the first time in seven years and it is in good
condition. A few new flues and she will turn a merry-go-round in
good shape.

Enclosing a photo of the writer and engine so if you wish to
have more material for the next ALBUM you might show it.

I’m making a sideline business of listing old engines as I
travel about our state. Also old separators of the hand feed type.
It wont be too long before the old engines will be gone. The few
that will be left are those that are shown at our reunions.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1953
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