| July/August 1977

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022

Are steam engine fairs just for country folk? Not on your tintype. The popularity of these shows seem to be picking up steam, even among the big city boys.

The New York Sunday News of July 11, last year, had an article written by Edwin Field telling readers what they could expect to see at the July 24 and 25 Spring Grove Steam Show.

This 10th Annual affair was held at the Charles Hitchcock Farm in New York's Cayuga County at Levanna, on Route 90 near Cayuga Lake, between Union Springs and Aurora.

Mr. Hitchcock was good enough to send a letter recently to Iron-Men editor, Gerald Lestz, in which he described the show.

Hitchcock says the event is unique for the area. It is held on a farm and is an noncommercial as it can be made. If a visitor doesn't want to spend a cent, he needn't. Donations are accepted, of course.