Young People's Page

| January/February 1972

Torque Power, Live Steam Models, Hyattstown, Box 144-D, R. F. D., Ijamsville, Maryland 21 154

Hi There Young Engineers:

This past Spring I attended the pre-show get together of the Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Engine Association in Berryville, Virginia. There were no engines in operation, just a picnic lunch and a board of Directors Meeting.

When it was over I drove to Paul Giles' new farm located in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. The main attraction of Paul's new farm is the twin water steel mill which came with the farm. The mill commonly known as the Bunker hill Mill had been in operation from the late 1700s until 1964. Paul took me for a tour through the mill which revealed some of the most fascinating machinery I have ever seen. The complete history of the mill has not yet been compiled but, when it is, I will have an article on it.

When the Berryville, Virginia show time came I was ill and unable to attend. But from the reports I have gotten the show went very well. The Berryville show is one that I highly recommend you attend, come next show time.

I was able to attend the Eastern Shore Threshermen and Collectors Association, held near Federalsburg, Maryland. The Eastern Shore boys had really been working hard to make this show bigger and better than ever. They had constructed a new building for the sawmill and a large food stand.