Young People's Page

| July/August 1972

Torque Power, Live Steam Models, Hyattstown, Box 144-D, R. F. D., Ijamsville, Maryland 21 754

Hi There Young Engineers:

I have not had an opportunity to write my regular article for this issue as my family and I have suffered the loss of a loved one, my father, who passed away on April 18 after suffering a second heart attack. In place of the regular article are some photographs taken at the Eastern Shore Threshermen Association Show in 1971. I do not have the names of the individuals in the photographs but I am sure someone will write and let me know. I hope you will all have a good time at the shows this summer.

(Earlene Ritzman, Editor of Stemgas Publishing Company and all her co-workers wish to extend sincere sympathy to Sheldon Jones and Family during their time of bereavement.)