Young People's Page

| November/December 1969

Torque Power hive Steam Models Hyattstown, Box 144-D R. F. D., I jamsville, Maryland 21 754

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Donald Madison will no longer be able to continue these articles. He has asked that I take over writing the articles in order to continue the young peoples page.

I thought I would devote this article to one of the most interesting steam shows I have ever attended. That is -The Eastern Shore Threshermen and Collectors Association, Inc., Show held near Federalsburg, Maryland on the Jim Layton Farm. For me it was my first time there and one I will never forget.

I arrived there late Friday afternoon. Leaping Lena, my old 1960 Buick, was so loaded up that there was barely room for me. I had brought with me my model steam engines, a 1% Hp. gas engine, and all the equipment necessary to run a small old-fashioned foundry. I was asked to run the foundry in order to show how the old steam engine parts were cast. This proved to be quite an attraction.

I spent Friday evening unloading my stuff and talking with many old and new friends. Shortly before dark Jim Layton, President of the club, took me out and let me drive a Nichols and Shepard engine which was owned by Pete Lovelace. This particular engine is a favorite of mine and it was quite a thrill to get to drive it around.

The first thing that struck me about this show was the large number of young people participating in it.