Young Readers Like IMA

| March/April 1987

Kelley 5919 Catlin Rd. Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Iron-Men Album appeals to engine lovers of all ages. Brad Kelley, age 51/2, of Mechanicsville, Virginia, thoroughly enjoys his issues of the magazine. Although he has not yet learned to read, he spends much of his spare time looking at the pictures accompanying the articles and advertisements, which his parents read to him.

Brad owes his interest in antique steam and gas engines to his great uncle, Harry T. Fleming, of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, from whom he received a large boxful of back issues of Iron-Men Album, dating back to 1951. Brad's father, Lyle, spent much of his youth helping his Uncle Harry tinker with his collection of engines and accessories, and tagging along to numerous antique engine shows throughout the east. That enthusiasm, plus a few small gas- and steam-powered engines, has been passed along to Brad, who readily shares his excitement with his classmates during 'Show & Tell' periods in Kindergarten.

Brad and his family have attended numerous antique engine shows throughout Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. This summer, Brad hopes to switch from 'observer' to 'exhibitor' when he and his family attend engine shows.