Farm Collector


This letter from the youngest subscriber to THE ALBUM, Tommy
Lutzi, of Lincoln, Nebraska, eight years old. He enclosed a dandy
freehand drawing of an 18 hp. Altman Taylor

Dear Karl;

Thank you for the letter, I know I will like THE ALBUM.

I sure like steam engines, especially the Case. I like the
Altman Taylor too. I am sure I will have time to read THE ALBUM.
Sure sorry about your accident. I hope your boy never gets hurt. I
am in the third grade in school, only 5? blocks to go. My Sunday
School record is perfect since I was three years old. I took a Case
engine up town in Table Rock, Neb., with uncle Bruce when I was
seven. If we get through Penna., we’ll stop in. THE ALBUM came,
I sure like it. Thank you.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1954
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