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Farm Collector has compiled four Special Collector’s Edition magazines into one set – for the true antique farm equipment fan! Each 96-page guide is full of photographs and articles, ranging from informative to humorous, all deeply saturated with nostalgia and history. Tuck in with these four guides, and maybe learn some new things about vintage farm tractors, tools, and other machinery.

This special set includes:

Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools, Vol. II

We’ve all seen at least one in our lifetime. That rusty, worn-looking antique tool that we can’t quite figure out: What does it do? Why was it made? What is it even called? Farm Collector proudly introduces the second volume of the Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools. This new edition includes more than 160 tools that have been identified and includes a small paragraph explaining what the tool was used for. You’ll read how to identify tools yourself using patents, online collector resources, and books and publications for collectors.

The guide is separated into six categories: field/crop, farmhouse, livestock, barn/shop, specialty tools, and odd lots. Packed with super photos, patent drawings and collector resources, this is a great resource for antique farm equipment collectors. Plus, there are 24 tools we couldn’t identify. Can you?

Harvesting Heritage: 150 Years on the American Farm

This guides features more than 35 great essays from Sam Moore, author of “Let's Talk Rusty Iron” in Farm Collector! As a student of the past, Moore learned his lessons well. Paying careful attention to instructions from his elders, he not only learned the old ways but gained a full appreciation for them. Today, he can tell you not only how farms were once operated, but why farmers did things the way they did.

In his regular columns, Moore brings long-forgotten characters to life: neighbors, harvest crews, local mechanics, and farm wives of decades past make encore appearances, sharing their wisdom and a laugh or two. Early farm practices and the routines of everyday life of half a century ago are recounted in a fresh new way, flavored both with nostalgia and a healthy dose of reality. Sometimes the old ways were the best ways; other times, not so much.

Deeply researched and beautifully written, Moore's essays recapture a time now irretrievably lost…but easily glimpsed through the pages of this exciting new edition.

The Best of John Deere

When founder and blacksmith John Deere hammered out his first plow from a broken sawmill blade in 1837, he was responding to a need, and in the process creating enormous opportunity not just for himself, but for every farmer working the soil in those early days of settling America.

In the 179 years since that first moldboard, Deere & Co. has grown into a global corporation, with annual revenues approaching $40 billion. As the company looked to make more and better products to aid farmers and increase productivity, it took more than a few twists and turns, pursuing avenues we don’t often think of as Green…as in John Deere Green.

Inside you’ll find articles on the first John Deere tractors (Froelich and Dain), the Velie influence, Model E farm engines, and so much more.

The Best of Farm Collector

For this special selection of articles culled from the last 10 years, the editors turned to the magazine’s readers, and (thanks to the wonder of the Internet) it was readily apparent which stories get the most attention.

Whether you’re talking old shoes or old furniture or old pickups, the common thread among favorites is often a blend of comfort and dependability. It’s a bit different when it comes to picking favorite articles, but it’s a safe bet that a good story is at the heart of it.

Quite simply, a good story is one you want to both revisit and share. In this special compilation, you’ll find the variety you’ve come to expect from Farm Collector: everything from tractors to engines, implements to hay trolleys, toys to wood stoves. As we tell the story of vintage farm equipment, we’re happy to share some of your favorites from the last 10 years in The Best of Farm Collector.

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