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Bringing together the collective wisdom of a past generation of craftsmen, Old-Fashioned Toolmaking provides an in-depth record of the skills and techniques that made the mass production revolution of the 20th century possible. When first published in 1915, this book was an answer to a vast array of tool-room problems and explained many essential toolmaking operations. It includes timeless practices as well as some personally tailored methods by master toolmakers, including how to:

  • Make straight forming tools
  • Grind curved surfaces
  • Gauge the angle of a thread
  • Re-flute worn cutters
  • And much more!

With detailed descriptions of every procedure, essential mathematical rules and calculations for use in the workshop, and a number of illustrative figures, this book stands as an invaluable reference for those with an interest in practicing hands-on toolmaking processes.

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Pages: 309

ISBN-10: 1510702868

ISBN-13: 978-1510702868

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