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Homestead Survivor

The purpose of the Homestead Act of 1862 was to make it possible for settlers with few resources but a strong work ethic to claim land in the West. Almost every adult today knows about the Homestead Act but most have no understanding of its basic components. The law granted 160 acres of land ...


Teachable Moments at the Buckeye Agricultural Museum and Education Center

The Buckeye Agricultural Museum and Education Center is dedicated to preserving agricultural history. An important part of that is educating the public about production agriculture. When people patronize a farm market, for instance, they’re more aware that food is grown locally. “There ...


Who were Massey and Harris?

More than 200 years ago, a quiet revolution started to unfold. It began with the reaper replacing the man swinging a cradle scythe. Obed Hussey obtained the first patent for a reaping machine. Inventor Cyrus McCormick, who had not bothered with a patent up until that time, quickly filed his ...


Increasing the Yield

Among the items on display at the Agricultural Museum owned and operated by the Fair Grove (Missouri) Historical & Preservation Society are four ground-driven fertilizer distributors ranging in age from 90 to 140 years old. In their day, the distributors were pulled down one row at a ...

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